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White's BullsEye II Pinpointer

White’s Bullseye II Pinpointer with 9 volt Battery. The Bullseye II precisely pinpoints your target..

79.99€ 69.99€ Ex Tax: 69.99€

Shaft White's 68cm

Bottom shaft white's 68cm carbon fiberCan be used on all models...

24.00€ Ex Tax: 24.00€

White's coinmaster metal detector

with 9" Waterproof Spider Search Coil Coinmaster by White’s is a strong, well-made metal detector..

249.00€ 229.00€ Ex Tax: 229.00€

White's Matrix M6 18x15 deephunter

White’s Matrix M6 Equiped with the Detech 18x15 SEF search coil and the standard coil a great detec..

799.00€ Ex Tax: 799.00€

White's Matrix M6 NEWEST MODEL

White’s Matrix M6 Withe the Detech 18x15 SEF search coil a great detector for war relic hunters or ..

725.00€ 649.00€ Ex Tax: 649.00€

White's MX Sport

The MX Sport comes with the 10" round DD coil and has a couple coil options taken directly from ..

895.00€ 875.00€ Ex Tax: 875.00€

White's MX7 Metal Detector

White's MX7 Metal Detectorwith 9.5" Waterproof Concentric Search Coil. Packed with advanced featu..

679.00€ 499.00€ Ex Tax: 499.00€

White's MXT All Pro with 30cm coil

The MXT All Pro, tried,tested and proven to be a great machine. The MXT All Pro is a new take on..

945.00€ 899.00€ Ex Tax: 899.00€

White's Tm808

DetailsThe TM 808 Treasuremaster is designed to locate large, deep objects. It’s ready to discov..

849.00€ 775.00€ Ex Tax: 775.00€

White's TreasureMaster metaldetector

White’s Metal Detectors, one of America’s oldest and largest manufacturer of metal detectors for o..

299.00€ Ex Tax: 299.00€

White's TREASUREpro Metal Detector

White's TREASUREpro Metal Detectorwith 10" DD Waterproof Search Coil Maximize your treasure hunti..

485.00€ Ex Tax: 485.00€

White's TRX pinpointer

White’s Bullseye TRX is the perfect companion to your metal detector. Locate valuable coins, rings..

169.99€ Ex Tax: 169.99€

White's Xventure metal detecotor

DetailsGet out there and have a treasure-finding adventure!White’s XVenture metal detector has all..

179.95€ 147.49€ Ex Tax: 147.49€

Whites AF350

De Whites AF 350 all Purpose detector is een makkelijk te bedienen metaaldetector met waterdichte ..

549.00€ Ex Tax: 549.00€

Whites classic 1 used

second hand whites classic..

80.00€ Ex Tax: 80.00€

Whites coil bolt screw

Coil bolt/screw for all White's modelsIncluding rubbers..

5.49€ Ex Tax: 5.49€

Whites Goldmaster ® 24k

Featuring a 50% increase in coil voltage over previous models along with an all-new XGB ground bal..

825.00€ 725.00€ Ex Tax: 725.00€

Whites Premium edge digger

Whites Premium edge digger..

49.99€ Ex Tax: 49.99€

Whites TDI Beach Hunter

Common VLF detectors, even multi-frequency ones, can struggle in strong mineralization or salt con..

1,350.00€ 1,199.00€ Ex Tax: 1,199.00€