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Ebinger Minimag magnetometer

EBINGER is a leading manufacturer of gradiometer probes,
which after more than half a century in explosive ordnance
clearance have proven themselves in bomb and munitions
searches. Early probes were thick and heavy, but today
new technologies enable the production of robust yet
lightweight search devices.
A prime example of these new technologies is the EBINGER
MINIMAG, designed mainly for rapid deployment.
Weighing in at 1,480 g or 1,550 g (depending on power
supply), it is extremely lightweight and manoeuvrable.
With quick localisation and precise guides, the probe
reduces the time factor in search work. The operator is not
encumbered by a heavy device.

Technical data
Power Supply: 6 C cells, Lithium or NiMH
rechargeable battery
Operating Time: approx. 130 h with C cells
approx. 80 h with Lithium battery
approx. 43 h with NiMH battery
Temperature Range: -20°C bis +55°C
Sensitivity Levels: Level 1 dynsmic 150 nT (15 nT/scale unit)
Level 2 static 150 nT (15 nT/scale unit)
Level 3 static 50 nT (5 nT/scale unit)
Operating Weight: 1920 g with battery tube and C cells
1480 g with Li-Ion battery pack (optional)
1550 g with NiMH battery pack
Total length: 950 mm with battery tube
780 mm with Li-Ion battery pack
780 mm with NiMH battery pack
Probe Length: 510 mm
Base Distance: 480 mm

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Ebinger Minimag magnetometer

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